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In A Jazzy Mood

Raquel Bitton

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  1. Sur deux notes
  2. Chez moi
  3. Live for Love
  4. Comme tu me plais
  5. Tu n'peux pas t'figurer
  6. Sans l'amour de toi
  7. Once when we were young
  8. Dans mon coeur
  9. My Place
  10. Sans vous
  11. Tiens,Tiens,Tiens
  12. Mon coeur n'etait pas fait pour ca
  13. Insensiblement


The making of In A Jazzy Mood

This CD contains the songs of legendary French composer Paul Misraki; latin jazz tunes, sultry jazz ballads and some swing numbers.

Footnotes by Paul Misraki. In French and English.



Le Climat de Piaf! *****

November 25, 2007
Stephen Jackson, "Classical vocalist and voice instructor"

Bitton has given us again a lovely album of french popular music with excellence in production, orchestration and performance. To rate an album lower simply because it is recorded in a language that one doesn't speak is a terrible shame as Bitton's emotional connection to these pieces is clear and succinct even without an understanding of the language. (though french speakers will doubtlessly find the albums even more charming as the lyrics are entrancing and deep)