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Engineered by 11x Grammy® Award winner Rafa Sardina.

Celebrates the music of Armando Manzanero, Consuelo Velasquez, Augustin Lara, Wello Rivas, Isolina Carrillo, Don Fabián, Joaquin Rodrigo, Osvaldo Farrés and other legendary composers.

Accompanied by a lush 28 piece orchestra featuring top Latin Jazz musicians including: Ramon Stagnaro on acoustic guitar (Andrea Bocelli, Shakira, Ricky Martin, Luis Miguel.)

Rebeca Mauleon on Piano (Santana, Cachao, Joe Henderson, Mickey Hart)Cuban Timbalists Orestes Vilato (Santana , Celia Cruz, Rubén Blades), Jesus Diaz (Tito Puente, Pete Escovedo Orchestra.)

Full String section/Full Reed section.

CD cover illustration by award winning Martin French (Los Lobos, The Chronicle of Narnia).

The making of Boleros

Romance intertwined with passion, this is the BOLERO, a true expression of my heart.

I fell in love with the BOLERO when I listened to the sultry voices of Tona La Negra and Maria Dolores Pradera. This music transported me back to my birthplace and the songs I heard growing up in Marrakesh where Spanish music was on everyone's lips, Spain being so close to then French Morocco.

I chose some of the greatest Spanish composers of all time, as well as songs made famous by famous French Heartthrob, Corsican Tino Rossi.

Over the Summer,I had heard a small Cabo Verdian Band at Diani Beach in Kenya play an exuberant version of the French Tino Rossi classic “J'attendrai” (The original version was slow and sultry) and knew then that this French Bolero had the be reborn with a livelier rhythm.

This journey has introduced me to many songs in the Spanish repertoire my heart longs to sing.

While recording at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, I turned, teary eyed to RAMON STAGNARO (The best Guitar player on planet earth) and told him how I wished I had met some of the composers I was paying tribute to, but everyone had passed on. Ramón stopped me and said” Raquel, Armando Manzanero is alive and well and lives in Mexico City “.

Flying to Mexico on a day's notice, I was enthralled to meet the only living composer of my tribute to “Boleros”,”Armando Manzanero (he had composed Elvis Presley's song “It's Impossible”.)

This most amazing and charming man had me smitten from the moment he said “Ola!” When I entered his office at the Association of Authors and Composers which he presides over, excited beyond words, a million questions and a camera in hand, I was ready to hear it all, but a group of visiting composers came in, the mood was so wonderful, Manzanero praised them all and they began singing each other's songs, out of the Blue, marveling at each poetic word the other one had written. I was praying in silence that this moment would go on forever (well! Not forever, I wanted my turn too, the moment was so precious!.

I loved learning that Maestro Manzanero would wake up at 5am and start writing. He invited me to lunch at his home and we sat there for hours, talking about life and love and music, and once more, just as I had with legendary French composer Paul Misraki, I felt a very warm feeling in my heart, the stars were aligned, I was lending my voice to such beautiful songs, I was touching the sky.

“Mucho Gracias Maestro manzanero,para mi”ADORO” es la cancion la mas hermoza de todo el mundo”.

Con Amor,





"Raquel Bitton - Boleros"

Raquel Bitton's voice immediately brings Edith Piaf to mind, and that's no coincidence. Henri Contet, who wrote many of Piaf's most popular songs, has said, "…your talent would have pleased her so much…." Bitton's admiration for the legendary "Little Sparrow" led her to write and star in the award-winning documentary concert-film Piaf—Her Story Her Songs. Both performers sing passionately of love in strong, assured voices with heavy and wide vibratos.

Bitton in this release has moved away from her usual French repertoire to pay tribute to the bolero and its most revered composers. Her intense, sultry approach to these romantic classics will make you wonder why she didn't record them sooner.



"Raquel Bitton - Boleros"

Raquel Bitton and the bolero share similar heritages, mixing French and Spanish influences to create a fiery romanticism of soaring intensity. And Bitton, who suggests a spicier Edith Piaf (and, indeed, has earned substantial success investigating the Piaf songbook), seems an ideal choice for exploring, in French and Spanish, the work of the greatest Cuban, Mexican and Spanish bolero composers of the 20th century.

Of these dozen classics, only one, Consuelo Velàzquez’s scorching “Besame Mucho,” will likely be familiar. But there is a spectrum of quixotic delights to be discovered here, ranging from the light shimmer of “Guitare d’amour” and swinging, horn-fueled bounce of “J’attendrai” to the august passion of “Aranjuez, mon amour” and soul-deep fervor of “Adoro.” Consider it a first-class ticket to alluringly piquant musical vistas.

Christopher Loudon, JAZZ REVIEW

"We are high on playing BOLEROS!"

Gregg Hunter Niteside show (reaches a national audience in excess of 5 Million people.)

" Listener response is out of this world!"

WKNY, Kingston NY - Warren Lawrence

"A Breath of Fresh air..The Lady can sing!"

The Bill Miller show,119 Stations. - Bill Miller

"Raquel Bitton BOLEROS Lights my inner fires,the music Backing is exquisite!"

KSGL Wichita KS - Chuck Hamilton, Program Director

"WOW ! …"

You don’t get a release like this often..and you don’t get that voice everyday.
Raquel Bitton takes you to another land of music and imagery when she sings. Amazing vocals,stunning arrangements. Where has this woman been ? " - Jim Raposa " Frank and Friends " 129 Stations.

"BOLEROS is one of the best new releases of the year."

Raquel Bitton has put together a remarkable recording. Backed by a 30 piece Orchestra of some of the world’s finest musicians,what a joy to share this wonderful music with my audience!" - Ron Della Chiesa,MUSICAMERICA 99.1 Fm
WPLM. Boston ,MA

"My Goodness,it’s so good to have the new Raquel Bitton CD. WE JUST LOVE IT!"

Tron Simpson - Program Director KCMN Colorado Springs.

"Raquel Bitton CD BOLEROS has the spice of the Latin sound and makes it move."

Bob Hamilton, Hamilton communications

"Raquel Bitton is brilliant singing."

BOLEROS is sexy and seductive with Bitton’s French and Spanish sultry voice "
Don Wolff, " I love Jazz " Classic 99 FM, St Louis MO

"Full of Rhythm and Sexiness. You can definitely hit some home runs with this!"

Paul Richards. Program Director WHLI Farmingdale NY

This is Book's Music


February 6, 2009

For jazz fans who want something a bit more exotic, take a listen to Boleros (self-released), the new album by Raquel Bitton.

She takes on jazz with a Spanish and French flair, with the kind of charm and gentility that has thrilled audiences around the world. Upon listening to “Solamente una Vez”, one can tell why many have compared her to the legendary Edith Piaf, and upon covering standards like “Besame Mucho” and “Toda una Vida”, you can hear why these songs are as strong as they were then they were originally written and recorded. One can say that this is lounge music, but it’s the best lounge jazz you haven’t heard in years.

The album was recorded at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, so if you enjoyed the many albums that have been down there, you will hear that sound on this album, produced by Bitton and Gerald Prolman and engineered by Rafa Sardina and Jesse Nichols. It’s one of those albums where you wish a higher resolution was available, but even if you listen to this on a clock radio, you will hear one hell of an album by one hell of a woman with one hell of a voice. Aiya!

Chris Spector


RAQUEL BITTON/Boleros: If you're really an alt.adult, Bitton is right up your alley since this is alt without walls. Following her breakthrough with a Piaf tribute, Bitton refused to be a stationary target and continued moving with the same volume of grace and style. Moving from France to Spain, she tackles a jazz/world program with a 30 piece orchestra in tow and tears it up on music of sadness and sensuality. It comes at you out of nowhere and evokes imagery for hopeless romantics to enjoy from another era. A classy set that simply catches you unaware and doesn't let go. A stone cold winner throughout.

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